Random Musings

This is a test!    >Well, my friends today I am going public with this.  It is only a trial at this time & will change in the oh so short future.  I will put all the photos in one place, the poetry in another and the wordy bumpkins ramblings in another.  So far I am extremely pleased with this (Well, WordPress’s fine product, too).  I am still learning all the in’s & out’s of it, but soon will have that mastered (well, at least figured out to do simple things).  It’s hard on this old man’s brain as I thought I would not take on another challenge.  Sigh, not to be. It’s in my nature, soul & heart to write for others.  Taking up the gauntlet after it has been thrown in my face is what got me to where I am now.  So why stop?

I have been wanting to do something like this ever since I retired.  I have made a commitment to the Survival School Instructors & the SERE folks to document some of the times that I and a few others lived through.  Not to mention a whole bunch of friends that I have annoyed, too.

I started a Facebook page in the hopes of using that as a platform for these things.  Not to be. Facebook is a bit ephemeral and arbitrary.  Things don’t last.  At least WordPress will see to it that it lasts.

As an aside, when I worked at the evergreen state college (the lower case dates me) I realized it was a bureaucracy just like many others.  The founders sort of knew this but neglected to tell  the faculty & staff.  The rank & file of the staff doing the drudge work that made the college go were tired and did not smile much.  So I decided to change that & started littering in-boxes with a weekly poem or prose piece designed to be humorous and up-lifting.  It seemed to work, imagine that.

A couple of my student interns (now good friends) found some of my writings in my studio, took them and wanted to publish all of them in the college’s literary journal (Slightly West).  As I had helped get the journal started I put my foot down and they only published three instead of all nine. Then they started dragging me to poetry readings around the sound. (Puget Sound).  The writings were about my growing up out here on the western edge of this wonderful republic.  I had traveled the west extensively in my youth with my rambling & eclectic family and was documenting it for my children.  Imagine my surprise when I found out other folks wanted to hear about it too.  My writing style is a bit wonky as some of the things are in poetry format as it was an exercise in being concise for me.  Some got converted to prose but many remain poetical.  I write in the style called “Language Poetry” which is designed to make the reader become involved with the poem.  Seeing the light in some stranger’s eyes as he says to me “Hey! I had something like that happen to me too. Let me tell you…”.  It makes me happy to share & I welcome feedback and your stories too.  My infobahn address is included at the bottom of the blog if you want to reach me for any reason.

Nihil Obstat >  John/Pick (the nick-name will be explained later)   jxby75@gmail.com


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