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About my art

This is the thinking that drives the process of the development of and  about my art. There are always drawings and copious notes before a single object or word is worked. It sometimes feels as though I am sliding on the slope of the mantic and magical 

6X9X1.25~(text block) Over boards of leather, wood, copper/brass perhaps on five raised cords on walnut boards , waxed colored cord, papers: Frankfurt cream & white, Ingres antique: colors ~ rhythm of the patron, brass edges treated with ammonia and heat, end papers of silk and Moriki w/paste paper, animal or other gilded on cover.

A sense of ceremony ~ A Journey of Ritual Gestures

A painted object (book/box/other object [altered book]) (sparse yet rich in detail) Not exactly minimal yet not overwhelmed with detail – elegant & rich visually interactive and manipulative .A collaboration of three or four artists of various backgrounds perhaps (Printers/printmakers/bookmakers/writers) w/prints, collages, writings, etc on various surfaces of various related themes Papers torn & mutilated printing of images and text overlaid Interlinear text and objects. Some hand painting i.e., illuminated text and uncial  Silk, papyrus, hand-made papers, metal, wood, glass/Plexiglas

Build in some aromatic herbs or add some essential oils for a hint of scent & mystery Text re: ceremony & ritual gestures (visual & word images) Box/book or both ~ painted and textured. Carved fittings of Woods (purple heart / maple / cedar / other aromatics) Bone & antler Metal / fiber Combination of all the above Images (hand carved) (think stylized) Birds (goose/crane/crow/etc) Animal (coyote/fox/bear/Orcas/etc) (Snail?)

We each occupy a particular space on/in this world. As we travel the precession of the equinoxes that space travels with us. It carries our allotment of air, our shadows, our psyches and our inner selves. It is constantly changing and evolving into something newer and more complex. We have rituals, gestures and ceremonies that both constrain our lives and expand them. We interact both visually and aural with our environments that we inhabit at a particular time. We are actually aware of our existence in only 3 to 7 seconds of time. After that it is either past or future. Our awareness and existence  is constantly mutating, but we are only aware in that miniscule window of time.

 So: what is time to you? What is space, to you? Are the two different and if so how? How can you express this visually and with words? Are you willing to share these emotions and feelings and do you think you can adequately express them in your medium or another’s or a combination of both? Do the rhythms of the seasons, the sun & moon, the stars have any effect on you? How do you interact with nature and the creatures of nature? Does what you do in your public and/or private life shape how you interact within your kinship and/or social group? Are there rituals and ritual gestures that are similar across our diversity. What has survived the millenniums to today that we use in our lives for communication and communion? (ritual bonfires, drums of skin and bone, primal dance, story telling through speech and gestures?) Do the stars out along the milky way inspire and provoke you?

 And with that: I once read that the word “book” actually is predated by the Scandinavian word for bark (bok). Food for thought, that. Then in a midden out among the wilds of Rome’s far flung empire, along Hadrian’s Wall, archeologists found small shavings of wood with messages and letters to and from Rome. (Oh Aeneas, I so long for your rough swordsman’s caress upon my silky breasts!) and other things. Which leads us to the thoughts about time, once again. Think of the time it took messages and dispatches to reach the outer edges of the empire. And think about how, now, we are so linked via electronics. Almost instant and constant communication. Is it really worth it? Have we enriched our lives? Do we / Can we need step aside to breathe and be human? Can we afford to? Admittedly this is evolution in process, even though we aren’t equipped to realize or actualize it.

Which brings me back to the original questions. What should this object be? How big? What kind of textures would be unique and pleasant? Images need to be coordinated and juxtaposed. Writings need to be refined and reduced, redacted. Most importantly can I do something like this or must needs I enlist help with this dream?

Monad Dreams

I am currently working on this book


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